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Housing Units’ Brave new email campaign


Housing Units have recently begun to see a growing interest and a rise in trade through their online business.

In order to build upon the success of their ecommerce site, Housing Units decided to launch a new monthly email that’s focused on increasing traffic and sales on the site. It’s a bold move for a business that has traditionally focused more on a personal face-to-face service, but then they’ve certainly got an agency that thrives upon making Brave decisions.

We leapt at the chance to help them create a more commanding online presence and reach a completely new group of customers, who may have never had the pleasure of visiting the Home Furnishing Centre of The North.

Our new email campaign implements a stylish new approach and a number of strategic and engaging features that help to ensure that every product included in each email maximises its sales potential.

Creating this new email campaign from scratch gave us the opportunity to ensure that we avoided all the mistakes and pitfalls that so many emails out there are littered with. We focused from day 1 on creating something that would be visually appealing, easily trackable and highly effective in driving sales. Something we were clearly successful with when you look at the latest statistics from the first new email:

The results showed that Housing Units received their highest email open rate ever at 17.2%. The ‘click-to-open’ rates were also similarly impressive delivering a well above average 32.8% – this figure is particularly relevant as it directly reflects upon the quality of the offer, content, design and layout of the email itself. Such success in this area highlights a really positive reaction from our target audience and one that we intend to build on.

This is a fantastic start to the new campaign but as you can always expect from We Are Brave, we’ll continue to improve and evolve each email in order to ensure that this success not only continues, but continues to rise exponentially.

If you would like to see the campaigns in more detail, visit our work page here.

Or visit the Housing Units website to sign up to their mailing list today.

#Thelooktodiefor with the NHS & Liverpool Council

We were recently commissioned by Liverpool City Council and the NHS to launch a bold new campaign against sunbed use in Liverpool. The campaign is also supported by Cancer Research UK and top self-tan brand St Moriz.

The launch of our ‘The Look To Die For?’ campaign has been a huge success, garnering lots of attention and stimulating a national debate. You may have seen the campaign in the newspapers or on TV this past week, as it has been picked up by a large number of national and regional press, notably appearing on BBC Breakfast and North West Tonight.

The target of this campaign is the young people of Liverpool, predominantly young girls who are particularly at risk from the sunbed use, and their parents/guardians. Sunbeds are a huge problem in Liverpool, with 50% of girls aged 15 – 17 years old in the city having used a sunbed – much higher than the national average of just 11%.

This is where ‘The Look To Die For?’ comes in; our new campaign will raise awareness surrounding the very real dangers of sunbed use and help change public perception of sunbeds by encouraging the people of Liverpool to bin the beds.

The creative for this campaign uses beautiful, aspirational photography of attractive models and juxtaposes this with hard-hitting imagery that reveals the skin damage, scarring and types of skin cancer that can be caused by using the sunbed.

We’ve literally etched the disturbing facts about the risks of sunbeds and cancer onto each model’s face to show the devastating consequences that can come with using a sunbed.

The aspirational beauty shots in the campaign attract the attention of our audience and the shocking depiction of cancer will make them think twice before they needlessly put themselves at risk by using a sunbed. The contrast between the two elements creates a really striking series of images that will strike a chord with the young people of Liverpool.

We were commissioned to produce a variety of material for this multi-channel campaign that includes and isn’t exhaustive of a campaign website, posters, PR and social media support, leaflets, YouTube videos, mini magazines and more – plus over the next year the campaign will be going in to schools to talk directly to young boys and girls, as well as hosting lots of events across the city of Liverpool.

This campaign has the potential to save lives and protect thousands of young people from needless pain and suffering, and that’s something we’re proud of. We’re right behind Liverpool City Council in the fight against sunbeds and we hope you are too.

If you’d like to take action yourself you can sign the petition to get the Government to grant local authorities in England the power to license and regulate sunbed businesses by clicking here.

To see more of the campaign visit our work page here.

And to keep up to date with the campaign visit and don’t forget to Like or Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

To read some of the coverage click on the links below:
BBC News  |  ITV News |  Liverpool Echo |  The Guardian  | Juice FM


The Children’s Air Ambulance is in the air

Our charity partner, The Children’s Air Ambulance successfully enjoyed their maiden flight recently.
It’s great to see that after everybody’s hard work they’re finally up in the air flying patients and helping to save lives.

They receive no government funding and yet they still manage to provide a vital service that can mean the difference between life and death; this is testament to the hard work of everyone involved. But the work isn’t finished now; they need your help to keep them in the air and to keep saving lives:

Text: ‘TCAA77 £5’ to 70070 to donate £5 to this very worthy cause.

Registered charity no: 1098874
Registered company no. 4845905

The Fewer Units app is making a big impact

We’ve just successfully launched a new alcohol awareness campaign for the NHS. The campaign has been a magnificent success over the last few months, with the ‘Fewer Units app‘ in particular gaining plaudits from a number of areas. The app has rightly been attracting some very positive attention; grabbing the headlines of several popular news sources including:


The app was created to give people a simple way of tracking and learning about the affect their drinking is having on their health and has been a vital piece of our NHS ‘Fewer Units more Happy Hours’ campaign.

The app and its supporting online and press campaigns have done a great job of highlighting the negative impact that drinking too many units of alcohol can have on people’s lives. This impact can be large or small but often has a real negative impact on the people closest to us. Click here to see the full campaign in more detail.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as the popularity of our latest app continues to grow. And why not download the app and try it for yourself? It’s quick and easy to use and you could find out how healthy or unhealthy your current drinking habits are.

The app is free to download via the links below.

Manchester 235 Poker Lounge – Virtual Tour

Manchester 235’s Poker tournaments have enjoyed a huge amount of success since we rebranded their Poker Lounge with some eye-cacthing new advertising and point of sale.

And now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can invite you to take a virtual tour of Manchester 235 and see our work for the Poker Lounge in all its glory. Obviously it’s not quite the same as soaking up the atmosphere on a busy night at 235, and unfortunately you can’t take a seat at a table, but you can still enjoy a good look around.

Use the window below to explore.

The campaign aims to encourage new players to join in and make a name for themselves and shows the world that anyone can become an icon at a Manchester 235 poker table. If you’d like a closer look at some see some of the great work we produced for this campaign visit our work page here.


Download our NHS ‘Fewer Units’ App

We recently created this clever drinks monitoring app to coincide with the launch of our latest campaign for the
NHS: Fewer Units More Happy Hours. You can see more of the campaign in our work section by clicking here.

The goal of the campaign was to make people more aware of their units and highlight the negative impact drinking what many consider to be acceptable amounts of alcohol, can have on their health and family life. We identified the opportunity to produce an engaging app that would help people understand and manage their alcohol units much more easily. The app allows users to set themselves limits, add drinks to their own drinks diary and even allows the user to scan in the barcode of their favourite drinks to reveal their units and calorie content.

The app is multi-platform and available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. In the first few weeks of the campaign there have been over 500 downloads of our app, receiving a number of very positive reviews and generating discussion on Social Media. This number is set to rise as the campaign continues to run and we look forward to seing the many benefits our campaign will have on regular people.

Even if you feel that you’re drinking is not affecting your life or your health it’s well worth downloading the app, to find out how healthy your drinking habits really are.


We are helping to save children’s lives

Above: Paul Barnes (Right) presenting David Reeves of The Children’s Air Ambulance with a little Christmas gift.

We’ve fully embraced the Christmas spirit this year and donated £750 to our friends at The Children’s Air Ambulance. This money goes towards helping to save the lives of children who require urgent hospital care. They receive no government funding so every penny really matters, and when the difference between life and death can be minutes the speed of The Children’s Air Ambulance really is priceless.

We are immensely proud to be affiliated with this noble and important charity; and want to help them to continue doing the fantastic work they do. And that’s why this year our most important Christmas gift is going to a most important charity.

The Children’s Air Ambulance expressed their appreciation and have covered the story in the news section of their website:
Click here to find out more.

We’d also like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year! Also if you’re feeling generous during this Holiday season text “LIFESAVER” to 70777 to make a £3 donation to The Children’s Air Ambulance. Texts cost £3 plus your standard network charge.


Winter Sale draws the crowds to Housing Units!

It’s that time of year again; Christmas is almost here and the big Christmas shop is at the forefront of all our minds. Our latest Winter Sale campaign has taken full advantage of the nation’s desire to grab all the big bargains before the big day! This mailer has been more successful than ever before in helping to drive the large numbers of frenzied, festive shoppers over to Housing Units.

This Winter we’ve generated more interest and excitement about the home furnishing centre’s latest sale than ever before. Housing Units is no stranger to long queues on the opening day of a sale but this year the level of demand was unprecedented. As a direct result of our campaign there were queues stretching for as far as the eye could see; as hundreds and hundreds of people arrived to grab themselves some of the quality, value and massive savings that are promised to all visitors to Housing Units.

Despite the wait everyone was in high spirits, due perhaps in no small part to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the treasures and savings that lay behind those famous doors! The Winter Sale is now in full flow and is definitely worth visiting, there are still hundreds of fantastic savings available. And as always, with any visit to The Home Furnishing Centre of the North, you can expect to enjoy a great day out.

For a closer look at our work and to see what all the fuss is about click here.


Supporting the brave people at The Children’s Air Ambulance

We are delighted to announce that we’ve recently become a corporate supporter of The Children’s Air Ambulance. Featured left to right is David Reeves, Fundraising Manager & our very own Paul Barnes, Managing Director, pictured in front of the CAA’s latest recruit, which incidentally costs £1.5 million every year to keep in the air. (Photograph by Terry Mcnamara –

This amazing charity gets absolutely ZERO funding from the Government or National Lottery fund, so every penny raised is done by the fabulous team of fundraisers and corporate sponsors spread the length and breadth of the UK! They literally help save the lives of children by providing a service that reduces travel times to hospital and access to the specialists who will treat them. When a matter of minutes can mean the difference between life and death The Children’s Air Ambulance can greatly improve a child’s chances of survival.

Recently they heard of a case where a mother and her son endured a 6 hour journey by road in an Ambulance from Manchester to Great Ormond Street Hospital, resulting in them having to wait until the next day for the specialist treatment that was so urgently needed. If the Children’s Air Ambulance had been available the predicted door-to-door time was approximately 1 hour, meaning the child would have received the treatment the same day. See this amazing story on the video at the bottom of this article!

As an agency we feel it’s becoming increasingly important to try and give something back to the community and make a real positive impact to good causes wherever we can. And we couldn’t think of a much nobler or worthy cause to support than The Children’s Air Ambulance. We hope some of our friends, colleagues and clients will embrace this too!

Over the coming months we’re going to be pledging our time and our money to help raise funds for this remarkable charity.  Our team will be putting our creative heads together to come up with some exciting ideas to raise money for our new friends. Keep your eyes peeled for our fundraising activities which will be taking off shortly!

To find out more about this great charity or to donate visit:


Another big pitch… another big win!

We’ve successfully added yet another victory to their long list of recent successes by fighting off some stiff competition to win the right to produce The University of Salford’s new undergraduate recruitment campaign.

Using a multi-channel approach, the campaign focuses on out-of-home activity and includes 6-sheets strategically placed nationwide at tram/bus shelters, phone kiosks as well as further display advertising at fairs and open days.

To see the campaign in more detail and explore the fantastic collection of work produced by visit our work page.streaming Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 2017