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We’ve just successfully launched a new alcohol awareness campaign for the NHS. The campaign has been a magnificent success over the last few months, with the ‘Fewer Units app‘ in particular gaining plaudits from a number of areas. The app has rightly been attracting some very positive attention; grabbing the headlines of several popular news sources including:


The app was created to give people a simple way of tracking and learning about the affect their drinking is having on their health and has been a vital piece of our NHS ‘Fewer Units more Happy Hours’ campaign.

The app and its supporting online and press campaigns have done a great job of highlighting the negative impact that drinking too many units of alcohol can have on people’s lives. This impact can be large or small but often has a real negative impact on the people closest to us. Click here to see the full campaign in more detail.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as the popularity of our latest app continues to grow. And why not download the app and try it for yourself? It’s quick and easy to use and you could find out how healthy or unhealthy your current drinking habits are.

The app is free to download via the links below.