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Housing Units have recently begun to see a growing interest and a rise in trade through their online business.

In order to build upon the success of their ecommerce site, Housing Units decided to launch a new monthly email that’s focused on increasing traffic and sales on the site. It’s a bold move for a business that has traditionally focused more on a personal face-to-face service, but then they’ve certainly got an agency that thrives upon making Brave decisions.

We leapt at the chance to help them create a more commanding online presence and reach a completely new group of customers, who may have never had the pleasure of visiting the Home Furnishing Centre of The North.

Our new email campaign implements a stylish new approach and a number of strategic and engaging features that help to ensure that every product included in each email maximises its sales potential.

Creating this new email campaign from scratch gave us the opportunity to ensure that we avoided all the mistakes and pitfalls that so many emails out there are littered with. We focused from day 1 on creating something that would be visually appealing, easily trackable and highly effective in driving sales. Something we were clearly successful with when you look at the latest statistics from the first new email:

The results showed that Housing Units received their highest email open rate ever at 17.2%. The ‘click-to-open’ rates were also similarly impressive delivering a well above average 32.8% – this figure is particularly relevant as it directly reflects upon the quality of the offer, content, design and layout of the email itself. Such success in this area highlights a really positive reaction from our target audience and one that we intend to build on.

This is a fantastic start to the new campaign but as you can always expect from We Are Brave, we’ll continue to improve and evolve each email in order to ensure that this success not only continues, but continues to rise exponentially.

If you would like to see the campaigns in more detail, visit our work page here.

Or visit the Housing Units website to sign up to their mailing list today.