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With Christmas approaching our lovely friends at Sale Sharks wanted something quick, cheap and memorable to promote their rugby packages as the perfect Christmas gift.

It didn’t take us long to decide that we needed to use their poster boy, Danny Cipriani, in an interesting and memorable way. But how would we get access so close to the end of the year, with the busy training and game schedule already upon us?!

Simple, we piggyback on a pre-booked press day. Easier said than done, as a certain Mr Diamond was really putting the boys through their paces and we were kept hanging around for several hours, totally under prepared for the weather conditions… but we think that the end result was well worth the sacrifice.

Thanks once again to James Staham for putting up with us. Stood around in the cold for 3 hours. Shot in 30 minutes. After Effects 2 hours. Graphics 2 hours… not bad for a days work.

Oh and can I take this opportunity to apologise to my son for the lack of socks at Christmas. Yet another Brave sacrifice!

We hope you enjoy this video and be sure to watch out for more.

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