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Success Inc is a specialist company that focus on getting the best out of people. They use a variety of techniques to enhance the performance of businesses by improving the performance of key individuals. These techniques range from expertise in body language, Neuro Linguistic Programming alongside a wealth of business knowledge.


Such an interesting and uplifting proposition needs a brand that can communicate this. And for a business that puts such a large emphasis on the quality of communication, and its link to success, we knew we had to create something clear and engaging. To achieve this goal, we based our work on the main proposition of the business: ‘The Core’. So, what is ‘The Core’? Well it’s a model for success that begins with a simple equation: “Ability + Belief = Change”.


We created a colourful way of graphically representing this  in a way that could be used across all promotional materials to deliver some really dynamic and eye catching material.


Firstly, the stationery comes in 3 kinds, that each represent one link in the chain. (E.g. Ability, Belief or Change) Each business card or compliment slip is die-cut and interlinks with the other cards to complete the chain.


This extends into the brochure, which acts as a motivational and inspirational tool. We’ve used imagery of some of the greatest icons of the 20th century, people who have really changed the world, to show how people with the ability, the belief and the desire to change can achieve the impossible.



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