Housing Units – Favourite Things TV Commercial
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The new Housing Units TV commercial is an all singing, all dancing celebration of everything that makes Housing Units special! It literally sings the praises of all the beautiful departments, fantastic restaurants and of course the wonderful staff.


The TV advert positions Housing Units as the home of ‘all your favourite things’, a proposition which will be used throughout a multi-channel campaign for the following year. This proposition will resonate strongly with our target audience and evoke a sense of nostalgia from older consumers, whilst also helping to express what a special and magical place Housing Units really is.


The advert follows a family of four, with two adorable young girls, enjoying a fantastic day out at The Home Furnishing Centre. They dance with glee through a musical-like setting, where they are greeted by happy, smiling, dancing members of staff.   Their journey is soundtracked by a self-penned song that takes viewers on a magical musical journey around the store, travelling from department to department, through the restaurant, climaxing outside the main entrance with a grand musical finale!


The vocals for the song were provided by local talent , internet sensation and up and coming recording artist Amber Whitworth, and the music was composed by leading TV, film and theatre composer Richard Bodgers, under the expert guidance of forensic music expert Peter Oxendale, B.Mus., G.R.S.M., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., M.A.E.


We’re all absolutely delighted with the finished product, and as usual with anyone who works with We Are Brave, so is the client!


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