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We’ve recently unleashed our new bold brand upon the world. A brand that is the embodiment of our attitude, our philosophy and the unique characters of the occasionally eccentric members of our team.


Brave is a word that encapsulates everything about the way we like to work here. We’re not afraid to take risks and we love to push the boundaries in order to create new, engaging work for our clients.


Everything about our new brand supports this, through our brave use of colours, typeface and even technology –  taking the bold step of integrating Layar onto our business cards – we’ve accomplished something that really makes a statement about who we are as an agency.


We tasked talented illustrator Roy McCarthy with the job of bringing our ideas to life with his quirky illustrative style. The attention to detail and humour of his work is something that we were really charmed by, and something that we felt would lend itself perfectly to our brand. Following his initial work, we commissioned Roy to bring our studios to life with some giant wall murals, parts of which would  later be used to form the base of our stationery and other brand elements.


Of course our new brand is still only in its infancy, and there’s lots more exciting stuff to come, including our wall murals, which are yet to be completed… So be sure to check back soon for the latest pics and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. Trust us, you’re not going to miss the finished product… it’s going to be a bit special!


We’re also producing a special timelapse video of
Roy in action… Here’s a sneak peak! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiczgisq-fI


Look at our new identity!
We wanted to create something bold and striking that expressed the individuals here. Roy was the man who brought it all to life. The walls are beautifully illustrated with unbelievable detail which always stops everyone who passes by.

Jason Bennett
Creative Director


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