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Ever since a pioneering explorer and his companions marched through our doors baring their refreshing new discovery, the story of how Zenya Green Tea was discovered has been echoing around our offices.  You see, despite his already amazing discovery, the explorer was still looking for something… A route to market. And an agency that could take him there. but his search was now over, and our adventure was just beginning.


Now it was our turn to search. We began to look for a way of launching this new drink, creating awareness and helping Zenya reach its true potential. Our journey began by creating this viral video and website to help us spread word of this refreshing discovery to as many people as possible. We then ventured into social media, using Facebook and Twitter to gain followers and invite them to sample the delights of Zenya Green Tea.


The viral video introduces the character of the Zenya Master and the mantra ‘Unleash your Zenya’ to the world. By mixing eccentric Thai culture with the mundanity of office life we’ve created something entertaining, engaging and unique. But this is only the beginning of Zenya’s rise to prominence.


"We've managed to accomplish a really interesting and engaging piece of work on a very tight budget. This just shows the value of good creative work, even without high production costs"

Steve Kempster
Senior Art Director


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