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Another academic year has arrived and with it another exciting project has arrived at We Are Brave. The University of Salford wanted to generate excitement and increase applications for undergraduate study. We Are Brave couldn’t wait to start work on this project and we created an effective idea which fit beautifully with the university’s new brand.


Our idea was to give the university a platform to answer the many questions that potential students have when they are choosing a university. We wanted to do this in a fun, engaging and memorable manner so in order to achieve this we created a branded sofa, which would act both as a metaphor for the university and a platform for current and past students to voice what they think is great about and why it’s a good idea to study at the University of Salford.


We created a range of different executions that centre around the sofa and the students. In the posters the student ambassadors are holding a speech bubble which expresses one of the university’s key messages. We have also filmed a series of Youtube videos that contain personal accounts from the ambassadors about the university.


Just scan the QR code to find out more about their exciting study opportunities.


"We're delighted with this dynamic new campaign that will generate awareness and excitement amongst potential students as well as helping to establish our new brand. The social media aspect was also a big positive for us when we chose this creative"

Andrea Lingley, Senior Recruitment Officer


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