The Compensation Group – New Brand Launch
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We have a great deal of experience in working with companies working within the compensation and legal sector. We’ve worked with a number of very successful brands in this sector and know what it takes to help this type of brand to progress and achieve real success.


The Compensation Group specialise in helping people from all walks of life get back on their feet after an accident by helping them receive the justice and compensation they deserve as quickly and as easily as possible.


They offer a No Win/No Fee service and have a talented team and a great collection of solicitors at their disposal. Everything is in place for The Compensation Group to help people in need of compensation, we just needed to create an engaging platform for them to communicate from.


This is what we have achieved with their new brand and their website; it’s home to an encyclopaedic knowledge of all kinds of legal information, plus a number of more engaging features that are designed to capture our audience’s attention.


The claims calculator we have created is simple and easy to use and allows visitors to receive an instant estimate of how much compensation they could receive. The ’20 second test’ also makes learning more and contacting a solicitor faster and easier than ever before.


If you would like a closer look at The Compensation Group visit their website.



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