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How many donuts do you drink each week?

We Are Brave have worked with Liverpool City Council to launch a new citywide alcohol awareness campaign designed to help people drink less and feel good.

The campaign website is packed with great advice and tips on the small changes you can make to start drinking less.

The centrepiece of the website is undoubtedly My Drinks Check. This innovative tool was conceived, designed and delivered by We Are Brave in conjunction with the Behavioural Insight and Change team at Liverpool City Council. It allows a user to input their drinking habits, answer a series of questions to get personalised results and tips.

Some of these results make for fascinating reading, like how many donuts their drinks equate to, how far they’d have to walk to burn off the calories and how they compare to other people in their age group in Liverpool.

The website and drinks checker is supported by a multi-channel campaign that focuses on showing how many calories they are drinking, using fatty foods as a comparison. (Below)

Liverpool Councillor Paul Brant, cabinet member for adult health, said: “Making small changes to your drinking habits can help manage your weight, lift your mood, boost your energy levels and generally make you feel good. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to make little changes that can be slotted into everyday life, such as swapping to lower strength beer or wine and alternating alcoholic drinks with water.”

To see more from the campaign and give My Drinks Check a go visit

The campaign has already attracted a lot of interest from both the local and national press, including the following news outlets:

Fit For Me reaches over 100,000 people

For the last 12 months we’ve been working with Liverpool City Council to create and launch a feel-good campaign encouraging the people of Liverpool to be more active. Our goal was to develop something that would empower people of all shapes, sizes, genders and ability levels to make a positive change to their life and start being more active.

(Above: Campaign launch video)

Following extensive insight research, focus groups and brainstorming with the client, we developed the name ‘Fit For Me’. As a proposition this really hit home with our target audience because it focuses on helping people find a way to be active that ‘fits’ their needs. Fit For Me shows a real empathy and understanding that being more active is not the same for everyone. This is underpinned by that fact that the stars of our campaign are not actors or models, they are real local people, with real stories about how being more active has improved their life. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution; it’s about understanding each individual’s unique set of needs and giving them an accessible way to join in.

The campaign achieves this through a multi-channel approach that includes video, press, print, events, social media, radio, digital, email and more. This approach has been highly successful, with the campaign website recently surpassing 100,000 unique visitors and also amassing almost 3,000 followers on Facebook.

(Above: Launch ambassadors)

We launched with 11 brand ambassadors, everyday people sourced from across Liverpool, who shared their tales of triumph and success in order to inspire people like them to get out there and feel the benefit of a more active lifestyle. This was then followed up with the addition of a further 8 ambassadors.

(Above: 2nd generation of ambassadors)

The authenticity and positivity attached to each story has proven to be infectious amongst the local population. We look forward to continuing to drive this campaign forward in the near future.

Liverpool takes Brave step to tackle drunkenness

Liverpool City Council developed this campaign with Merseyside Police and We Are Brave after research had shown that over half of A&E admissions by 18-30 year olds were alcohol-related, and 97% of arrests after 11pm on weekends were violence related.

Rather than tell people not to drink or shocking them, the strategy was to raise awareness that it is illegal to serve/buy alcohol for someone who’s drunk. We Are Brave used Liverpool City Council’s insight research to develop a creative campaign that focused on text conversations between friends depicting nights ruined by someone getting drunk.

The creative targeted different points of the journey to a night out, including radio and digital adverts on the route into the city. Ads were located near off-licenses and communications were placed on transport networks and in bars.

Hundreds of bar staff were trained to refuse drunks and extra police patrols enforced the laws. The media and social media were used to amplify stories of bars flouting the law, risking their licenses.

The campaign has been a great success, achieving some very impressive results:

• The number of bars serving drunks now reduced from 86% to 26%
• 25% fewer people now drink alcohol before going out
• The Home Office cite the campaign as best practice
• Local authorities across the region are interested in adopting the campaign.

To see more on the campaign visit

A Brave visit to the Ideal Home Show

This year’s Ideal Home Show opened its doors last weekend at Event City Manchester. The four-day show gives some of the biggest and best retailers from across the country the chance to showcase their fabulous home furnishings.

As you’d expect, our client, Housing Units was one of the stars of the show. Their stand (above) stood apart from the competition and got a lot of attention throughout the duration of the show.

A couple of our creatives (Steve and Dan, above) paid them a visit on Friday to show our support and see our stand designs up close. They also took the opportunity to scope out the competition too!

The show was proud to welcome a few famous faces, ranging from Laurence Llewelyn Bowen to money saving expert Martin Lewis and the always-smiling Housing Units Doorman.

Well done to The Ideal Home Show and Housing Units for putting on a fantastic show. We’re already looking forward to next year!

What A Difference Brave Makes

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our latest TV Commercial for Housing Units. Following on from the immensely successful ‘All Your Favourite Things’, we decided to stick to the musical theme in order to build upon the affection that customers had for our last campaign.

This time we wanted to dig deep into what makes a visit to Housing Units so special, so welcoming, so friendly and so different to any other Home Furnishing Store in the North.

Spending a day at Housing Units challenges your perceptions of what great customer service is. They raise the bar in so many ways with incredible choice, great value, friendly service, a wonderful atmosphere and some truly delicious food. After your first visit you’ll wonder why you every shopped anywhere else.

What a difference a day makes.

We took this popular song by Dinah Washington and created a unique musical piece that aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia with a modern twist. Housing Units is the perfect blend of traditional values and contemporary styles and our new TV ad epitomises this. A sultry singer accompanied by a 4-piece band takes us on a journey of discovery around the store show casing some of the wonders you’ll come across in-store.

This multi-channel campaign was launched with the new TV Commercial and was supported through POS, direct mail, radio adverts and a variety of in-store communication. This campaign will continue to roll out throughout the year, so keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for more.

In fact next year Housing Units will be celebrating their 70th Anniversary and to mark the occasion, we’ve adapted the 30” TV Commercial to a longer 60” version that ends with a bang!


Happy Halloween from We Are Brave


Halloween is upon us… it’s a holiday that we have a particular fondness for here at We Are Brave. After all, when all the ghouls, devils and monsters come out to play it’s more important than ever to be Brave.

We celebrated in time-honoured fashion by carving our own jack-o’-lantern to display proudly at the front of our office on All Hallows’ Eve. Our copywriter usually prefers to stick to pen and paper, but this Halloween Chris faced his handicraft fears with a big, sharp knife and managed to successfully create a Brave pumpkin (with no serious injuries).

Brave prescribes new TV ad for

Push-DR, a revolutionary new online medical service, came to Brave in need of a new TV advert to help launch their exciting new service in the UK.

Their service allows anyone who needs a doctor to see a fully qualified UK based GP from wherever they are, anytime they like, at the touch of a button. Simply download the app from iTunes and access the service on iPhone/iPad or visit to access the service via your desktop pc.

Our years of experience working in DRTV advertising for brands like Claims Direct & musicMagpie was the primary catalyst for this dynamic business commissioning us.

The advert will be airing nationally over the next few months so keep an eye out for it, but if you can’t wait until then here’s a sneak preview.

And remember… next time your ill, don’t wait around, just
And start feeling better.


Brave & Cipriani. The perfect Christmas gift!

With Christmas approaching our lovely friends at Sale Sharks wanted something quick, cheap and memorable to promote their rugby packages as the perfect Christmas gift.

It didn’t take us long to decide that we needed to use their poster boy, Danny Cipriani, in an interesting and memorable way. But how would we get access so close to the end of the year, with the busy training and game schedule already upon us?!

Simple, we piggyback on a pre-booked press day. Easier said than done, as a certain Mr Diamond was really putting the boys through their paces and we were kept hanging around for several hours, totally under prepared for the weather conditions… but we think that the end result was well worth the sacrifice.

Thanks once again to James Staham for putting up with us. Stood around in the cold for 3 hours. Shot in 30 minutes. After Effects 2 hours. Graphics 2 hours… not bad for a days work.

Oh and can I take this opportunity to apologise to my son for the lack of socks at Christmas. Yet another Brave sacrifice!

We hope you enjoy this video and be sure to watch out for more.

For more information about, Merchandise, Match Day or Season Tickets see below:

For tickets visit
To order your new kit visit the Sale Sharks Store


Brave makes the cut for 
national catering butcher

Following yet another successful pitch, we’ve recently added one of the UK’s largest national catering butchers, Birtwistles, to our already impressive client list.

We’ve been commissioned to create, launch and implement an exciting, new brand identity that showcases why Birtwistles are much more than just meat.

To achieve this we created something that we call the “Birtwistles DNA”. This depicts the meaning behind the logo by highlighting all the key areas in which the business excels and shows how they all come together to create something special. This DNA forms the core of the brand and serves to express the experience, know-how, scale and quality of the brand wherever it is used.


The new brand overhaul includes everything from a new logo, website, photography, email marketing, stationery, literature, and signage to vehicle livery and merchandise as well as an online video that takes viewers on a journey depicting a day in the hectic life of the people that make Birtwistles so special.

The catering and meat industry specialist has over 6000 different product lines and delivers more than 1300 orders every single day, all of which are selected, picked, packed and dispatched before you or I have had time for breakfast.

Expressing what makes them such an impressive and remarkable business is no mean feat, but it’s something that we’ve achieved through a combination of striking photography, insightful copy and intelligent design.

We’ve just launched their new brand identity, which you can see for yourself on our work page. This marks the start of what we hope to be a long and successful partnership between Brave and Birtwistles.



Our story continues with 
the University of Salford


Over the last decade we’ve enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with the University of Salford, creating a number of highly successful integrated campaigns appealing to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The latest chapter of our very own Salford Story is the 2015 undergraduate prospectus. We were commissioned to produce this project at the turn of the year and tasked with some extremely tight timescales, 6 weeks to be precise, to design and produce the piece. As you know though, we’re Brave and aren’t afraid of anything… least of all tight deadlines, late nights and nagging wives and husbands.

Together with the university we decided that the prospectus should be an evolution of our Salford Stories campaign, that we’d developed the previous year. The prospectus would speak directly to prospective students through the true stories of past and current students and staff in a stylish and engaging way that would separate the University of Salford from its competitors.

We commissioned talented North West artist Roy McCarthy to help bring this idea to life with a series of illustrations that encapsulate life in Salford and express the rich character and personality that both the city and the university can call their own.

The campaign will be running throughout the year with a multi-channel strategy, that includes but isn’t exhaustive, open days, fairs, press, outdoor, print and online campaigns. To view the prospectus visit our  work page.