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Large family brewery JW Lees came to us thirsty for some refreshing new ideas and a way to promote events in their tenanted houses and we were only too happy to quench this thirst.

JW Lees were founded in 1828 and since then they’ve established a strong brand and a bold personality. We were keen to build on this personality and create something that the locals of each pub could really engage with and that would portray nights at JW Lees as a fun, friendly and enjoyable way to spend an evening. We were tasked with promoting Quiz nights, Karaoke Nights and the Live Sports that are shown in their pubs on a nightly basis.


To do this we decided to focus on what makes real pubs popular; personality. JW Lees Pubs are full of characters, the friendly faces that prop up the bar, they bring places to life and we wanted to make heroes of the interesting and quite eccentric characters that will visit the pubs for Quiz Night, Karaoke Night and to watch Live Sports.


Visit any JW Lees Quiz Night and you’re sure to find a boffin, Karaoke Nights are always packed with people looking to become a star and when the football’s on you’re guaranteed to meet someone who’s cheering every kick, every tackle and every goal. This campaign captures some of this magic and positions JW Lees as a place that delivers real “Pub nights with personality”.



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