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At We Are Brave we specialise in creating work that consistently delivers results that exceed expectation and our recent email campaign for Housing Units – The Home Furnishing Centre of the North epitomises.


Our Housing Units email campaigns are well stylish, structured and strategically sound. This ensures that they can compete with the very top brands in the highly competitive retail sector. An ambitious claim but this has been proved by the fantastic increase in sales Housing Units has seen following the launch of this new campaign.


The results from the first email we launched were so successful that they achieved Housing Units’ highest open rate ever at 17.2%. The ‘clicks-to-open’ rates were also similarly impressive, delivering a well above average 32.8% – this figure is particularly relevant as it is the quality of the offer, content, design and layout of the email that play a big part in enticing users to click through. Such a high percentage of success in this area highlights a really positive reaction from our target audience and something that we will look to build on and improve.


Each email has been carefully constructed and considered in order to increase click through and generate extra conversion from click to sales. Every email we produce has a specific theme that is relevant to the month that it’s sent, this helps us to appeal to and target the specific needs of customers at different times of the year.


If you would like to see our campaign in action then visit the Housing Units website and sign up today.


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