Clipstar – Launch Campaign
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Ozzy explaining the concept…



A humourous viral that promoted the online talent show!


And ClipStar’s winners International One’s debut single “Inyaniso” in support of Nelson Mandela’s charity.

Clipstar, the unique online talent competition and internet sensation was created entirely by our team. When companies like Youtube were beginning to see the opportunities in this sector we also saw the chance to capitalise on the rapidly growing enthusiasm for user generated video content.


In order to attract users from other sites we offered them the chance to win big for uploading their videos. Prizes ranged from $10,000 right up to $1,000,000 and the competition’s first big winner walked away with a big cash prize as well as the opportunity to release their single on behalf of Nelson Mandela’s charity. We created all aspects of this brand, along with all the promotional elements and also managed and maintained the website and the competition itself.


Clipstar was promoted with a variety of online advertising, the most memorable of which included talented impressionist John Culshaw’s superb impression of Ozzy Osbourne. This video acted as a guide to what the site had to offer and also supported the message behind the site that on this website you could ‘Be somebody’. Regardless of who you were, as long as you had talent Clipstar could shoot you to stardom!


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